Equipment and Ability


Heli-skiing is typically for intermediate to advanced skiers with good a relatively good level of physical fitness. Each heli-skiing and CAT operator has different guidelines, but clients should be able to comfortably ski Blue and Black diamond rated runs at North American resorts. If you are a beginner skier/boarder- or lack confidence on steeper Blue or Black runs- you should not book. We recommend for those not sure- to try skiing steeper runs with knee deep at Ski Resorts when possible to gain confidence and practice. It would also be highly advisable to hire an instructor at your favourite Resort who can give you lessons to specifically ski powder and un-groomed terrain. To summarize, you don’t need to be a Pro skier/boarder by any means, but you want to have at least advanced-intermediate skills and confidence.


Powder skis/snowboards and poles are supplied, although a few operators rent equipment at an additional price. These days modern technology has paved the way for ski and snowboard manufacturers to produce extra-wide skis/boards that are light, extremely versatile and allow riders to literally float on top of the deep powder.

Most top Operators will have skis or snowboards with ‘rocker’ technology for guests to use/rent. With rocker, your tips will float up in powder and crud. The feel is smooth and just like when you surf, wakeboard or waterski. Rocker helps you to stay on top of the snow. On skis, no need to do all that bouncing and leaning back to keep your tips up in the powder. On a snowboard, your tip sits up higher out of the snow so you can avoid those face plants over your nose.

Since your tips are already in an upward position you are able to maintain a more balanced riding stance and you don’t have to lean back to float as you do on a traditional shaped ski or snowboard. Rocker technology also makes the skis/boards more manoeuvrable as it moves the contact points on the ski or board, basically shortening your effective edge. Your ride becomes more nimble and manoeuvrable, which allows you to pivot more easily. You can slash the snow, slide sideways to slow speed, or turn faster. Turning more quickly works great when you are in the trees.

Guests must bring clothing and boots.

TIP pack boots as carry-on luggage if flying. If your airline loses your luggage- they can usually find other clothing and equipment for you at the lodge- but unlikely to have boots that will fit or feel comfortable.