Cat Skiing Canada

A CAT or Snowcat (a treaded, truck-like vehicle- basically the cab of a Groomer with a passenger cabin attached behind) is the perfect vehicle for transporting skiers & boarders up remote mountains. Most CATs hold up to 12 passengers in comfort.

Customers like the fact that the cabs are spacious, heated and offer a comfortable ride up. To access the skiable terrain at a CAT ski/board Operation, they employ a person to be a “road builder”. As weather and conditions permit, they build these ‘road’ systems that are basically smoothed out paths carved in to the mountain. Once built, the Cats can drive up to the top to drop skiers off at the various points that access the ‘runs’.

While you do not ski as much vertical/# of runs in a day with Cat-skiing- it offers you a more laid back and non-rush day on the slopes. Plus at a Cat Operation, it may be easier to handle the days of deep powder skiing if you are a bit out of shape or older and worried about injuries or skiing/boarding too hard.

Top reasons too choose CAT skiing:

  • More relaxed ski/board experience. Generally Cat-skiers are not looking to aggressively rack up tons of vertical mileage. Although you will ski quite a bit of vertical during your stay.
  • No issues with bad weather conditions. Even in the biggest snow storm with heavy clouds and low light/visibility, a Cat can operate to take guests out to ski in the treed runs.
  • Lower prices. Cats operate with regular- and not pricey jet-fuel. As well, they have, in general- lower purchase and maintenance costs than Helicopters.