This is the ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush. From childhood, most skiers and boarders dream about Heli-skiing, the pinnacle of the back country mountain experience. Helicopters lift guests with ease and quickness to untracked powder stashes across peaks and even ranges.

There is nothing like flying over majestic mountains and getting a birds view eye of rugged and spectacular peaks dripping in deep snow. Because of the speed and nimbleness of the helis- you can ski tons of runs and rack up a huge amount of vertical (vertical ft/mtrs skied) each day. You really get the most for your money with Heli-skiing and boarding. While there may be a few days per year that a helicopter can’t fly the group out to go skiing/boarding- generally this is not an issue. And those operators with smaller sized helis like BELL A-Stars, can fly in almost all conditions and land just about anywhere.

That being said, there is still a very slight chance that mother nature may ground a heli for part of or a full day. Heli-skiing is also more expensive than Cat-skiing as fuel and maintenance costs are much higher.

Top reasons to book Heli-skiing:

  • The Ultimate Skiing/boarding adventure. Nothing beats the thrill and adventure of heli-skiing.
  • Fast and nimble transportation. Easy access to 1000’s of acres of great powder and terrain.
  • Ideal for short trips. You can do in 2 days heli-skiing about what you can in 4 days at a Cat-ski lodge or a week at a Resort.
  • The best in lodging, food and service. Our heli-ski lodges entertain some very well-traveled guests who expect the best. As such, the standards are high- and the experience is as good as it gets!