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Bella Coola- Featured Location of the Month

Ever been at Whistler and looked north to those amazing mountain peaks running up the spine of the Coast Mountains. Whether you have or haven’t- you can imagine that the peaks are bigger and the snow is deeper up north of Whistler. And not only is the snow deeper- the northerly location dries out the normally wet snow found in Whistler and points South.

Combine this with strict limits on group sizes, and small and private helicopters (the ultimate high speed lifts), they have a level of operational flexibility that guarantees the most rewarding ski experience possible.

In addition, Bella Coola Heli Sports is one of the easiest destination heli skiing operation to fly to. Less travel of course equals more time to play, and with over 10,700 sq/km (4,300 sq/m) of jaw-dropping terrain, there is a vast area to explore. From scenic fjords, all the way to the highest peak in British Columbia, the permit area is as big as the entire Swiss Alps. The difference? there are no people, no lift lines, and no tracks! So what are you waiting for? Book Bella Coola with us today!

Enjoy Heli Skiing in BC, Canada @NEH's New Ice Bar
Northern Escape Heli Skiing- Featured Location