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La Nina brings Deep Snow for Heli Skiing and Cat Skiing in BC, Canada

Around early Fall, weather forecasters began predicting another LaNina Season. For those unfamiliar with LaNina, in simple terms, it is a drop in the Pacific Ocean temperature that causes abnormal weather conditions. In the past, LaNina has meant HUGE snowfalls across the BC Mountains and other areas in the Canadian West. While some people were skeptical of the early predictions, the proof has come in the form of one of the snowiest November’s in history. Whistler Ski Resort received 9 feet of snow in November, and some of our Heli and Cat Ski Operations received even more, with 12-13+ feet of November snow. And there are no signs that the great snow will not let up in December and beyond.

Last year, all the Heli Ski and Cat Ski Operators said that they were having a once in 30 year season with all the great deep Powder Snow. And amazingly, it looks like a second EPIC winter is now upon us. If you want to go Heli Skiing or Cat Skiing in BC, Canada this year- don’t walk to make your reservations- run! See Canada’s Weather Network and their prediction for British Columbia. But as mentioned, it is now more than a prediction. The proof is on the ground in the form of deep mountain snow ready for skiers and boarders to start the Heli Ski and Cat Ski season in the next couple of weeks!

The Powder Keeps Piling Up
Monashee Powder Cats